Create your own art collage for this year’s Superbowl

We’ve just created a special visual composition on the occasion of this year’s Superbowl which takes place on Sunday February 5th, 2017 at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas.

superbowl 2017 visual composition

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The image features the logos of both teams, the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots as well as the brand new Potus, Donald Trump (you know, the bloke who wants to make America Great Again) and of course Lady Gaga, who will play at half time (and will apparently get political during her Superbowl appearance even if the NRA discouraged her from doing so…). We’ve also added the thumbnails of both teams’ categories on StickPNG, the logo of the NFL and the official Superbowl cup logo. The blog post header also features a nice 2017 in the background (Happy New Year!)

You can find all those elements on StickPNG to create your own art collages.

We can’t wait to see your own creations!

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