How to create Snapchat filters with PNG stickers

On we’ve added a nice selection of transparent PNG images (cut out pictures, with no background) which you can used to create gorgeous Snapchat filters, in a snap. 

Not only the most popular Snapchat filter effects (bunny face, flowers bouquetdalmatian face, dog tongue, rainbow tongue, kitten face, pink flowers crown, unicorn,…) but also plenty of other images which you can use as Snapchat filters, like these masks for instance.

masks snapchat filters

All sorts of other transparent PNG images which are just perfect to add gorgeous effects to your Snapchat pictures, like tens of different beards which will fit any face, giving you a viking or a hipster look.

beards snapchat filters

Or maybe you’d like to change your hair styling with one of these striking haircuts, another form of Snapchat filters.

hair snapchat filters

Basically any transparent PNG image with no background which you’ll find on can become a Snapchat filter effect. You can for instance use fireworks images to give an explosive festive vibe to your snapshots.

fireworks snapchat filters

You just have to download any PNG image and add it to your selfie using the editing software of your choice. Either on your desktop / laptop (e.g. Photoshop, PicMonkey, Canva) or on your mobile.

Canva and Picmonkey both offer a nice native app but unfortunately you can’t add any PNGs from your camera roll to a background picture with these applications.

We’ve successfully tested another mobile app though, Over, which offers that cool feature, i.e. adding as many PNGs as you want to your selfie (+ also text & other stuff). You can find it here for iOS. On Android, you can use an app called Photo Layers.

See the crazy composition we’ve created on iOS with Over using a bunch of PNG images from StickPNG 😉 A disco ball, some fireworks, a crown, a beard and two “thumbs up”.

stickpng snapchat filters

After adding cool filters from StickPNG to your selfie, you can easily use it on Snapchat. Here is a detailed tip which shows you how to use a photo from your camera roll.

Have fun with StickPNG to create your Snapchat filters.