Free 2020 US Election images you can download and use in your blog posts

The US election will take place on Tuesday November 3, 2020. Who will win between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. At time of writing this piece, nobody knows, even if the most recent polls give the advantage to Joe Biden.

If you’re writing a blog post about the 2020 US Election, you will need great imagery to accompany your copywriting. We’ve just found a few websites where you’ll be able to grab photos, icons and other illustrations to spice up your writing.

Free 2020 US Election icons by Streamline Icons

We love these gorgeous two-tone icons designed by Webalys. There are ballot illustrations, political demonstration icons, candidates’ icons and also some cute lying politicians’ graphics, see below. You will undoubtedly find what you’re looking for in this collection of 2020 US Election icons, all available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Free 2020 US Election photos on Unsplash

If you type US Election into the search bar of Unsplash, you’ll get more than 1,400 results, with a broad variety of photos, including some illustrations feat. face masks. Here are a few examples.

US Election official mail + face mask
US Election official mail + face mask, download on Unsplash
US Election – waving American flag, download on Unsplash

Free 2020 US Election vector images on FreePik

One of our favourite destinations for pictures of voting ballot, election stock photos and other electoral images is FreePik.

They offer a very affordable premium plan and you can download as much quality content as you want. There are currently close to 900 resources for the US Election image search on FreePik, incl. a lot of scalable vector graphics, great to create banners, flags or election apparel.

free US Election vector images
US Election vector images, download them on FreePik

Free 2020 US Election PNG images on StickPNG

And of course you can find US-related PNG images on our own site, StickPNG, for your personal / educational projects.