Samsung and Pepe The Frog enter the top 8

This week’s top 8 on StickPNG looks pretty much like last week’s chart, except for 2 unexpected newcomers: the world famous Pepe The Frog character and a Samsung S6 mockup.

Which means that we still have 2 different pairs of Thug Life / Deal With It dark glasses, some light fog straight from London, the Soundcloud logo, a black arrow pointing right and an explosion (which replaced Donald Trump in our Top 8 a few weeks ago).

pepe the frog

You might have read countless articles stating that Pepe The Frog has been used extensively by the alt right movement during the pro-Trump electoral campaign, but this character wasn’t meant to become Donald Trump’s unofficial mascot.

Pepe The Frog was originally created in 2005 by the artist Matt Furie on Myspace, as part of his Boy’s Club comic strip.

It was then popularized on 4Chan for another 11 years, also shared extensively by teenagers on Tumblr from 2015. Pepe’s meme was then a favourite among normies, aka “normal people”, like you and me, not fascists, not alt right activists, simply casual people who considered that Pepe could illustrate a wide variety of emotions, including joy, sadness and despair.

But things started changing in 2016 when Pepe The Frog became the de facto mascot of the /pol/ discussion board on 4Chan. It was then quickly associated with the candidate who was hailed on the discussion board as the anti-establishment hero, the guy who pretended he would Make America Great Again, i.e. Donald Trump.

That’s how we started seeing this kind of propaganda all over the internet:

pepe the frog

Pepe’s creator, Matt Furie, reacted in October 2016 with a story published on The Nib, which tells the scary alt right nightmare of his beloved character.

Here’s one of the images from the story, which clearly shows the artist’s stance towards Trump & co.

Pepe The Frog nightmare

So next time you see random people sharing a green frog, don’t fall into the trap of associating them with Donald’s supporters 😉 Here’s a quick personal composition blending this image and this one.

Feel free to share it. #becreative