Millennials love Musically… and StickPNG.

Millennials are defined as people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. We’ll probably need another buzzword after 2025 but most people now considered as “young” (I’m not one of them at 42 🙁 ) are currently labelled “millennials”. And if you look at this week’s top 8 on StickPNG, millennials love Musically (and obviously StickPNG 🏆). Musically’s logo is ranked #7  this week, just followed by Soundcloud’s logo, which was already present in last week’s chart.

millennials love Musically

We’re still in the immediate aftermath of the annual Academy Awards ceremony, marked this year by the fiasco of the Best Film winner’s blunder, first awarded to La La Land, then to Moonlight, the actual laureate. Which explains why we still spot the Oscar statuette in the top 8, at #6.

If you remember last week’s post, we had an explosion in the top 8 (wiping away Donald Trump’s smiling face). It’s now been replaced by a much more peaceful curly water wave.

The other four laureates of the top 8 remain unchanged. We still have two variations of the Thug Life / Deal With It glasses, probably used by meme creators all around the world. Then a nice sketch of a black arrow pointing down right and the legendary light fog we’re all so familiar with in London.

I would have expected to see Snapchat’s logo pop up in this week’s top 8 on the occasion of their IPO. As I’m writing these lines, the millennials’ ephemeral darling is valued $34+ billion, just shy of a tenth of Facebook’s current valuation ($397B). We’ve seen how popular Snapchat filters can be (basically any PNG can become a “Snapchat filter”).

Curious to know which are the most wanted tech brands on StickPNG? Here’s the all time top 8 of the tech companies category. Musically leads the way, three Facebook companies are present in the top 8 (Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram), joined by another messaging application, Viber. We can also spot Soundcloud, Twitter and… Snapchat among the most wanted tech brands.

Is Musically the next candidate for a tech IPO on the Nasdaq?.. If millennials were investors, probably. But you’re not forever twenty, I know it far too well 😉


millennials love musically