Most popular images on StickPNG (Feb 11, 2017 update)

I’ve decided to comment every now and then the most popular images on StickPNG.

I was quite surprised to see that from the early days the #1 image downloaded by the site’s visitors has been the Youtube Subscribe Button, by far (along with other variations).

Followed by a striking image of Donald Trump in a pretty bad mood. We can assume that it hasn’t been downloaded by his dearest supporters;-)

We have two versions of the uber famous Deal With It Glasses in the top 8. Can’t stand it?.. Just deal with it!

most popular images Deal With It

According to Google Trends, the peak of “Deal With It” is far behind us (8 Feb 2015), but this facial meme ingredient is still pretty popular. It’s also the perfect PNG to use as a sticker on a selfie. Let’s mix it with the previous image. Isn’t it the most (in)appropriate illustration of the POTUS’s reaction after his election?

most popular images Donald Trump Deal With it


Donald Trump and Deal With It are followed by a fat smoking cigar. I’m a bit lost on that one… If you can explain why so many people are actively searching for cigars on Google, just let me know 😉

Then we also have another world famous meme, Gabe The Dog, which sadly passed away (the actual dog, not the meme) a few days ago (January 20th, 2017), which probably contributed to his popularity boost. Rest In Peace Gabe.


Gabe The Dog is followed by the helmet of the Atlanta Falcons, the team which lost the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

And we’ll close this week’s Top 8 of the most popular images on StickPNG with a lovely romantic clipart, a string of hearts which can be used as a cute Snapchat filter. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

#AllWeNeedIsLove, isn’t it? 

Snapchat Filters Valentine