Musically is back, Snapchat enters the Top 8.

In this week’s top 8 on StickPNG, we witness a comeback: Musically‘s logo, at #8. Joined by another tech startup at #7, Snapchat.

Then, higher in the chart, we have six images which were already part of last week’s top 8: twice the Thug Life / Deal With It Glasses, London’s light fog effect, the explosion which replaced Donald Trump a few weeks ago, the black arrow pointing right and Pepe The Frog.

For more info re: Pepe The Frog’s background, I invite you to read last week’s blog post. You’ll also find some stats re: Thug Life meme’s history in this previous article.

Snapchat, this week’s newcomer, ipoed a few weeks ago. It’s currently trading 7.96% below the introduction price. The question is: will the company manage to boost its growth by building a powerful platform (some analysts consider that the app has already peaked) to follow Facebook’s successful trajectory, whose shares have gained 271.55% in value compared to their IPO price?


Snapchat – April 1st, 2017

As far as our – much more modest – statistics are concerned, we have just passed the 15,000 image mark, 4 months after launch (late Nov 2016).  104,475 unique users visited the website in March 2017 (41.45% growth compared to February). 296,945 users have visited StickPNG since late November 2016, downloading 321,837 images. We have now 103,000 keywords ranked in Google’s Top 100.

One last thing: today is April 1st, we don’t have any joke or hoax to share. But we do have fish, which is the symbol of April Fools’ day in Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada. Here’s the most popular specimen on StickPNG.

You can use it on Whatsapp, Facebook or simply stick it on an old school postcard to illustrate your wittiest joke 😉 #becreative

april fish snapchat