Most popular pastries on StickPNG

This time we’ll change the concept of our regular blog post, usually dedicated to our weekly overall Top 8.  Since my friend Alex has reset our weekly top rankings later than usual (Good Friday), I thought I’d find another interesting topic, a tasty one. So let’s talk pastries, French, Belgian & Spanish ones and yummy sweet treats in general. 

But first let me tell you which are the 5 most popular categories of all time from our virtual food court.

At number #1 we have fruits – that’s healthy – followed by vegetables – no junk food in sight so far – then beer (ok, it’s not solid food ;-)) followed by Coca Cola, another liquid, and ice cream at #5.

most popular pastries

Then we have the cake category (first pastry occurence), followed by bread, chocolate, coffee and the supposedly wing-giving Red Bull at #10.

most popular food pastries

Now let’s tackle today’s subject: the most popular pastries on StickPNG.

Starting with the cake category, dominated by cupcakes, a trendy favourite all around the world.

most popular pastries

As far as Belgian pastries are concerned, here’s the top 5.

most popular pastries

Then we have the most downloaded French pastries (to be totally fair, French pastries are slightly more popular (as a PNG category) than Belgian ones but being originally from Charleroi in BE, I’m just a little biased ;-))

most popular pastries

We’ll end this quick blog post with the most popular Spanish pastries, deliciously lead by the iconic churros!

As you can see, the most wanted pastry in BE, FR & ES is a very simple product: waffles, croissants & churros. It doesn’t need to be sophisticated to become a winner!

most popular pastries

Which pastry do you prefer? Are there any other desserts you’d like to see on StickPNG? Drop us a note.