Thug life glasses top the charts!

Time flies so fast, it’s already Saturday (night fever in sight)… Before chilling out with family & friends, let’s discover this week’s chart toppers, i.e. the most downloaded PNG images on The absolute star of the show is the Thug Life Glasses picture, which appears in two different versions in this week’s top 8: Thug Life Dark Glasses and Deal With It Glasses.

We also have a light fog translucent image, probably used by people depicting the early morning London weather. If you lost your way in the fog, we have a sketched black arrow in the top 8, at rank #3. Which leads us to…

Donald Trump, still in the weekly top 8, but without the Thug Life Glasses. He’s smiling, though a bit sarcastically (last week he was in a pretty bad mood). He’s followed by a world famous angry teenager, one of this year’s meme sensations, who’s inviting us to “cash her outside“.

Then we have the unexplained topper of the week, a group of camels

At #8 this week we get the logo of a very popular Chinese startup with became a hit in the US,, a favourite with all upcoming lip sync stars (by the way, I’ve just learned that is a pivot from a failed education app).

That’s it for today folks! Have fun grabbing PNGs to create exciting visual mashups. Don’t forget that you can share your creatives with us via info (at)

thug life glasses

Cash Me Outside Howbow Dah