Thug Life images are just ubiquitous.

OMG (which stands for Oh My God or Oh My Gosh depending on your spiritual inclination), they did it again. Thug Life images dominate this week’s top 8 on StickPNG!

A few weeks ago, we had just one image, a pair of glasses. Now we have 2 different pairs of Thug Life dark glasses, one looking left and one looking right (which for some reason is the most popular of the two).

Then we have the text logo, in gothic letters. Probably transformed into a a tattoo sticker by our dear users. This week, these 3 popular images are joined by a smelly Thug Life joint. It reminds me of the big fat cigar we had in the top 8 a few weeks ago.

I’m wondering what’s the #1 use case for these photorealistic handmade cigarettes. Are they ultimately stuck on the face of popular politicians (along with dark glasses)? Singers ? Friends (enemies)? Are they shared on Messenger ? Whatsapp ? Telegram ? Viber ? Transformed into a poster?

If you have downloaded a Thug Life joint, just tell us what you used it for. I’m curious.

And, FYI, we’re not even at the peak of the hype anymore. It was in March 2015, 2 years ago. I can’t imagine what our weekly chart would have looked like back then 😉 ?

thug life images

Let’s continue our weekly round-up. Besides these 4 Thug Life images, we spot (again) the Soundcloud logo (new story this week re: their potential sale because they’re running out of cash) and the light fog effect and also the black arrow pointing right.

One newcomer in this week’s top 8: a thunder image. Interestingly there’s often a special effect in our weekly chart. We had an explosion, a big wave and a bright warm sun. I guess that the winner depends on the mood of the week. Thunderous this time.

thug life images