Thug life rules. Again.

Let’s take approximately the same ones and do it all over again. In this week’s top 8 we have not one, not two but three Thug Life images

At #5, Thug Life’s logo, using a typical gothic font. At #4, Deal With It glasses, looking left. And at #1 the almighty Thug Life Dark glasses, looking right.

We still see 3 other images already spotted in last week’s top 8: the Soundcloud logo, a black arrow and the light fog special FX. Which proves that, once you achieve a nice ranking, it strongly determines the most popular pieces of content on your website.

Two brand new contenders in this week’s top though.

Firstly an image which shows us that spring is definitely coming in the Northern Hemisphere: a bright warm sun. And secondly the can of the most wanted energy drink on the planet: Red Bull.

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thug life rules